Local Team Roping Event Will Be Named in Honor of Lee Woods

This year’s local team roping is in honor of a very special Grangeville area cowboy Mr. Lee Woods. Lee tragically lost his life last September while out at his ranch doing what he loved. He entered the local team roping for as long as they’ve had it at the Grangeville Border Days. Before that he entered the Bronc riding. He was also a pickup man when Deward Gill had the stock there.

Lee was a horseman. Lee was always there to encourage and to help ropers become better. Lee loved his life! Always quick to try something new, and just stubborn enough to stick with it until he got it right. Lee was never afraid to color a bit outside life’s lines. That crooked smile, his ready laugh, and huge heart made him friends young and old everywhere he went. On behalf of the Grangeville Border Days it is our honor to name the local team roping event to the Lee Woods Memorial Local Team Roping. We hope you enter in the competition in honor of Lee. Call Brad Arnzen at 983-5784 after June 15, 2017 to enter.

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