Mother Daughter Team Paints the Town for Grangeville Border Days

How lucky we are to celebrate events and holidays in colorful fun ways that people of all ages can enjoy!

Kelly and Emily PAINT THE TOWN!

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Kelly and Emily are a Mother and Daughter Team who are both artists par-excellance!

Kelly and her husband John Bambacigno own and operate a very successful fish taxidermy business called Pro Fish Taxidermy.   Kelly’s college degree was formally in graphic arts and her talents are superbly exceptional.   Not only is she a master with color matching, blending and realistic touches she applies to the fish taxidermy mounts at Pro Fish, but her daughter Emily has inherited those natural talents as a budding artist as well, and together they PAINT UP THE TOWN.

Whenever  businesses on Main Street want to add a touch of fun to their window displays for holidays or in this case – Grangeville Border Days – they turn to Kelly and Emily to do it up right.   The money they earn for their fun window themes is going toward Emily’s college fund.  She will be entering her senior year of high school at Grangeville High School in the fall.    So if you support scholarships and would like to hire Kelly and Emily to paint your store front windows for a holiday or special occasion, call them at 208-983-1288 to hire this very talented team.

While painting Les Schwabs (a Major Sponsor of Grangeville Border Days), we drove up and while my husband went in to talk to the guys at Les Schwabs about some vehicle service he needed, I chatted with Kelly and Emily.   Here’s what they shared:

They come up with a general theme that will be repeated in some way across the list of clients windows and then add some special touches to each, depending on what the customer wants.  This year, the theme follows a sort of rodeo wood fence and from there, each business gets a slightly customized version, whether a ribbon flying from the fence or a set of boots (Border Days Theme: Country Roots and Cowboy Boots) or like on the front of Rookies, a big long horned steer staring out at passersby.

Visitors and residents alike really enjoy the painted themes on the windows of Main Street Businesses and I personally think our community is lucky to have our own window painting team to add such FUN and COLOR to our ordinary world here in Grangeville Idaho.

Let us not forget the volunteers who spend time every year and many holidays working in the community of Grangeville to doll up the town and organize events.   The Grangeville Border Days Committee organize and put on the annual event and other volunteers are hanging banners, flags and decorative items to dress up the town, serving food, cleaning up the eggs and trash and other necessary services.  Its tireless work and often thankless.   THANK YOU TO ALL VOLUNTEERS!

If you want to plan ahead for an upcoming event or holiday, be sure to get  your name on the list of projects as Kelly and Emily are popular artists.

Kelly and Emily Paint The Town
Call 208-983-1288


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