Share Your Favorite Photos of Grangeville Border Days

On the home page of we’ve setup a PHOTO FEED contributed by ANYONE who wants to share memories of all the Border Days FUN with friends and families.  You’ll see these contributed photos on the right sidebar of this blog, as well!

How do you do it?  EASY!   Just visit

What is you ask? is Yahoo’s photo sharing social media platform.  Its pretty cool too.

All FREE accounts get a very generous ONE TERABYTE  of server space, which makes it a great place to backup your photos (you know, when your computer starts to make noises and then crashes and all of your stored photos and memories are GONE? )  Let me tell you, ONE TERABYTE is a HUGE amount of space.  You’ll probably never fill it up.   I’m not a mathmetician, but I believe 1 Terabyte is 1000 Gigabytes.   1 Gigabyte is 1000 Megabytes.  1 Megabyte is 1024 kilobytes.   Terabyte is HUGE.

You don’t even have to share  your photos at and upload as PRIVATE.

Its so much fun to share the fun, the smiles, the traditions and the brave cowboys and cowgirls, as well as parade entrants, Royalty, the food, the eggs smashed on the street, the breakfasts, the arts & crafts, the kids who are excited about everything, until they run out of batteries.   RIGHT?


1. Setup your account on

2. Upload some photos from past Border Days or wait until July 2013 rolls around.

3. Then look for the tab that says “GROUPS”.

4. Next, type in the Search Field “Grangeville Border Days”.

5. You should see our group around the top.

6. Finally, share 6 photos every day or every week.   The number 6 isn’t my rule… its Flickr.  But What-EVER!

Pretty much right away, your photos will begin to stream into our website.   We have a gallery on the right side of the PHOTOS page.   And also on the home page, the top right box is fed from the same group.

If alot of photos are contributed, I’ll probably create a full page gallery or something really fun, so we can enjoy all of the joy of SUMMER!  AND, of course, Grangeville Border Days.

So come on.  Cut em Loose (Photos That Is).




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