The 2019 Grangeville Border Days Committee


Grangeville Border Days is a lot of fun, but it doesn’t all happen by waving a magic wand.

Lots of volunteer time, hard work and persistent effort is put into the Grangeville Border Days event, year after year.

Members of the Grangeville Border Days Committee put their heart and soul into this grand western tradition and deserve our praise and deep appreciation for not only organizing a fantastic event, but for the injection of economic health that Grangeville Border Days contributes to the businesses in our sweet little Idaho town. A big thanks to all of the Committee members, spouses and other supporting volunteers who make this event happen and bring a lot of positives to the community at large!

  • Tanner Fogleman - PRESIDENT - 7 Years

  • Tanner Maynard - VICE PRESIDENT - 7 Years

  • Justin DeFord - SECRETARY - 5 Years

  • Scott Winkler - (Past President) - TREASURER - 16 Years

  • Kevin Grieg

    Kevin Grieg: 21 Years, (Past President)

  • Jim Fogleman (Past President) - 17 Years

  • Nick Hilbert - 6 Years

  • Gary Canaday - 6 Years

  • Wade Peterson - 5 Years

  • Jesse Keeler - 1 Year

  • Anna Wren - ROYALTY ADVISER - 4 Years

  • Megan Peterson - NEW

  • Tate Stowers - NEW

  • Jerime Zimmerman - NEW

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